Book Signage Party Time

So the big book signing at Barnes&Noble went well, despite it getting off to an inauspicious start. Apparently, I wasn't added to their events calendar, so not many people outside of those I've informed (which is quite a few people, but still) got the word in time. Still, sold four times the amount of books... Continue Reading →

Book Signing Next Weekend

So that author signing at Barnes & Noble, the one I had to cancel due to a conflict? Well, it's back on. Yay! People will come and buy my book! June 18th, 3-7pm at the Valley View Mall in Roanoke, VA. Egads! People are going to ask hard questions. The odd thing about signings is... Continue Reading →

Looooong Update

I have been without internet for most of the morning, so I got a lot of writing done minus my usual research (i.e., annoying Leo, pestering my boss, and so on...). This means, naturally, that about 80% of it I’m going to have to cut out eventually. In the meantime, though, I started the Catechism... Continue Reading →

A Snippet!

Seems like everyone in the house is busy this weekend. First off, happy Mother's Day to all those moms out there. Okay, it's only Friday, but since I try not to post on the weekends (primarily because I'm usually out of town) I'll go ahead and get it out of the way with now. Have... Continue Reading →

Another Appearance

News update in the appearances section. I have a book signing at my local Barnes & Noble. Somehow, I need to turn this into a book signing tour. I know I might get some people if I did a signing in Philadelphia, but I wonder where else I could get a crowd. Definitely in my... Continue Reading →

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