I Got Nothing

Feeling a bit melancholy today, so I went ahead and started listening to music from the Final Fantasy series. You know, that game series that pretty much shaped my formative years (okay, Final Fantasy III and beyond)? Yeah, that one. Hey, speaking of, if it's called Final Fantasy, why are there fourteen games in the … Continue reading I Got Nothing

See You

I'll be leaving for MidSouthCon tomorrow morning, so this'll be a short update. Don't forget to get your free download of Janet Morris' Beyond Sanctuary today. I don't know how long it'll be at Amazon for free, so you should run and grab a copy now (just in case). No news on the publication date for anything … Continue reading See You


Really quickly: Last chance to enter the Shiny Book Review contest for a free copy of Ari Marmell's Thief's Covenant from Pyr Books. The review is here (hint: I liked it) and you can like us over on Facebook (yes, we have a page there... call us sellouts if you like). On the Facebook page, tell us why you are the … Continue reading Quickies

Schedule News

For those of you who were interested in what my FandomFest schedule looks like on July22-24, here it is. Friday 4:00PM -- Panel Room A: Introducing Some Up and Coming Faces in Speculative Fiction 9:00PM -- Panel Room A: Writing in Someone Else’s World Saturday 9:00AM -- Panel Room B:  Techniques for Good Short Fiction … Continue reading Schedule News