Door Charge

Doing some writing today, so it's a short blog update. --Reviewed Cold Days by Jim Butcher over at SBR. My first review of 2013. Yeah, I'm not reviewing as much. Yes, we're looking for more reviewers. --Cracked 50,000 words yesterday on Wraithkin. Go me. --Eating healthier foods. Last night -- Brussels sprouts, tomato basil chicken sausage, orschetti (dafuq?) pasta and … Continue reading Door Charge

Writing Sucks

Writing a difficult scene from Wraithkin right now and it's tough going. Not because it's being difficult, but because it's a highly traumatic scene. It's rough when you have a character that needs to go, because it's the basis of the entire story arc. It's still not easy, though, especially when you really like said character. It's not like … Continue reading Writing Sucks

Woe Betide

...and across the land did the faithful lament. I am, of course, talking about the city of Lexington's attitude about losing to Louisville in basketball. They lose to them all the time in football (it's a Kentucky thing, belonging in the SEC and not giving a rat's ass about football), which is no big deal. … Continue reading Woe Betide

Well Paid Hack

Not apologizing for the lack of updates. Would you rather read this or read something in print (or e-book)? Thought so. Yes, I was working on Wraithkin and Failsafe. I'm also working on Heroes & Rogues, which needs to be done in about two weeks. Oops. I keep linking to both Amanda Green's and Sarah Hoyt's blogs because of … Continue reading Well Paid Hack