5 (More) Authors You Should Be Reading

Yesterday’s post was actually quite the hit, though you can imagine just how many people responded to me privately with “why wasn’t so-and-so on the list?” Plus, nobody got mad at me about the clickbait headline. Go me!

(editor’s note: if you’re going to steal this list, please acknowledge where it came from. I appreciate it)

So today I’m continuing the list. Good news: every single one of these authors is currently sitting on one of my bookshelves in my office. Bad news: you’re…. going to have to buy more books? Is that bad news? I’m not sure.

(No, it’s never bad news when you have to buy more books. What a stupid question, even for me)

(people who receive this by email. I know the countdown appeared messed up on the email, counting down from 5 to 9. On the website it appears correct but since I’m going to make sure everyone sees the same thing, we’re going to count up today)

  1. Christopher Ruocchio: undefinedChristopher Ruocchio is probably one of the best new authors out there that you haven’t heard of. He’s active on social media (meaning he responds to questions and comments more often than not) and he’s a pretty good guy to boot. His Sun Eater series is already being hailed as a modern-day masterpiece, and given his relative youth (I think he’s in his mid-20’s), this burgeoning star has a long career ahead of him. Really, read the first book of this series (Empire of Silence) and tell me this isn’t the best science fiction work you’ve read in recent memory. I dare you.
  2. DJ Butler: undefinedDJ Butler is kinda new as well, but you wouldn’t tell from his writing. If science fiction isn’t really your thing, then Butler’s historical urban fantasy The Witchy Eye series might be more to your liking. Anyone who can write about Appalachia and not make it nothing more than an homage to “Deliverance” gets a bonus point in my book. There are three in the series right now and I’ve enjoyed them all. Throw in Butler’s unique and refreshing writing style and you’ll never be short of entertained.
  3. Alison Weir: undefinedAh, now onto the non-fiction side of things. Alison Weir’s The Wars of the Roses is enough to get her a spot on this list alone. She seems to be one of the authorities on the Tudor Dynasty in English history, and her work typically revolves around Henry VIII and his many wives. Weir is one of those authors who knows how to make history not boring in her writing style. As a historian, I know how hard this can be. Her style is engaging and the overall pacing is good. I haven’t read her historical fiction books, but if they’re anything like her non-fiction work then they should be enjoyable.
  4. Kacey Ezell: undefinedKacey Ezell is perhaps one of the most gut-punching authors out there when it comes to her writing. She can take a monster and make them likable, make the reader want them to survive and thrive despite the reputation of said monster. She made me cry over a murderous spider the size of a Volkswagen, damn it. She is also an amazing alternate history author whose series The Psyche of War had two separate Dragon Award finalists for Best Alternate History (Minds of Men and The World Asunder). She is also an active duty US Air Force pilot who flies helicopters, which means you know her aircraft scenes in anything she writes is going to be realistic and top-notch.
  5. Sarah A. Hoyt: Sarah A. Hoyt has written so many books over the years that it always shocks me when someone hasn’t heard of her yet. From historical romance (written as Sarah d’Almeida) to science fiction, space opera, urban fantasy, and everything else she feels like, Sarah is one of the best writers you should be reading right now. Her works have won multiple awards (if that’s your thing) and she also has at least one New York Times Bestselling book to her credit. For me, it’s her ability to write badass female characters while making believable action scenes which draws me to her writing. If you want somewhere to start, for science fiction fans I’d recommend Darkship Thieves. Urban fantasy fans should check out Draw One in the Dark. Both are very good, and both have everything a reader could hope for.

I hope this list is helpful and introduces you to new authors you might never have heard of. I was also informed that I should tell people to check my stuff out as well but I assume, since you’re here, you already know who I am and what I do.

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