5 Authors You Should Be Reading Right Now

Ugh, that is such a clickbaity headline, I’m tempted to change it before I hit “publish”. If it still says “5 Authors You Should Be Reading Right Now” then congratulations, you’ve seen that my trollishness outweighs my maturity level by a factor of ten.

A few on this list are brand new. Others have been around for awhile. I’ve been working on this list for a few weeks because I’ve been slacking on my own productivity (I usually average 3,000 words written per day… lately, it’s only been 1,200). I’ve had others weigh in on the list and offer a suggestion or two, one of which I took and read. I’m so glad I can read a book in two hours. This would have been a mess otherwise.

  1. Mark Wandrey: undefined(co-creator of the Four Horsemen Universe): First off, ignore the murder hobo appearance for the sake of a quality story. Mark is a rising star in the military science fiction genre, as well as horror, and is a 4-time Dragon Award finalist. He’s best known for his hugely popular Four Horsemen Universe, of which I am an author in (because Mark is nice and let’s weirdos like me write in his creation). He’s also written a different science fiction series called Earth Song, and a zombie apocalypse series called The Turning Point. His storytelling style is unique and sets him apart from everyone else on this list. If you like fast-paced action and characters who are a little more like you and a little less Duke Nukem, you should give him a try.
  2. M. A. Rothman: undefinedMichael Rothman, better known as M. A. Rothman, is one of those authors who writes in every single genre out there it seems. He’s done techno-thrillers, science fiction, military science fiction, YA novels, just to name a few. I know him best as the creator of the Levi Yoder thriller series but others have sung high praise for his SF series, The Exodus. He’s also a USA Today bestselling author, and you’ve probably never heard of him. He is part of the reason why I’m doing this list. Personally, I would recommend starting with the Levi Yoder series and go from there.
  3. Maurice Broaddus: undefinedMaurice Broaddus is the author of the amazing urban retelling of the King Arthur series, The Knights of Breton Court. I stumbled on this series way back in 2011 after attending a science fiction convention and ending up at the same room party as Maurice. He was a great guy and terrific storyteller. The first book, King Maker, is one of those times when I stopped and said, “I wish I’d written that!” He’s done a lot of urban fantasy, and even some steampunk (Pimp My Airship is one of the greatest novel titles ever). Be warned, though: the realism he puts in his books (not gore, but just the “feel”) might be off-putting to some with weakened constitutions. He doesn’t hold anything back in his writing, which gives his story a very real feel to it while dragging you on a wondrous joy ride.
  4. Wendie Nordgren: undefinedWendie is a new author for me, having stumbled upon her by the recommendation of another author. Having done so, I’m glad I was pointed in that direction. Her SF series The Space Merchant could be argued that it’s more of a science fiction romance mashup but her storytelling ability supersedes both genres. My only complaint with regards to her style is the verbiage and word usage. She expounds needlessly with a lot of words (a good editor would help cut this back some), but then again, she was an English teacher, which means she probably has an M.A. in English, so I can forgive this. Hey, I have a history degree and if you’ve read my books, you know I like to show it off with random references throughout my novels. As for The Space Merchant series, if you like a slow-burn of a series which gets better the more the author gets her feet under her, then you’re definitely in for a treat.
  5. Charles E. Gannon: undefined“Chuck” to just about everyone who has ever met him, this author is just one of those tremendous talents whose books will live on long past when he quits writing, discussed and talked about even when his grandchildren are old. He’s a modern-day renaissance man in his style of writing, able to pull any and all readers into the novel in question. He can write a bang-up action-filled SF novel, a slow-paced alternate history piece, and a horror-filled zombie apocalypse novel without losing any of his skill or voice in the process. His “best” series, for me at least, is the Caine Riordan series. Others will naturally argue and say his collaboration with Steve White for the Starfire series is his best work. A Fulbright Scholar and multiple award winning author, Chuck is the epitome of an author you should be reading at this moment.

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