Floating Deadlines

So the editor told me yesterday “The deadline was more of a floating deadline, so don’t worry about it.” Yay! I have a few more days to knock out this still-untitled Zombie short story.

My frequent coauthor, Eric S. Brown, sent me a short story the other day for the 1632 universe (by Eric Flint). It’s a continuation of his piece which was published in the Grantville Gazette a few months back. He asked me to coauthor this new story with him, which I’m excited about. I haven’t played in the 1632 universe in a long time (outside of reading the books) and am looking forward to it. (side note: he brought me in for my extensive knowledge of the time frame. It’s very flattering)

I found an old outline in a notebook from over 10 years ago and remembered why I loved the book idea. Time travel, demon mob bosses, corrupt police and greedy schemers. I’ll probably start freshening the outline up in a few months and give it a whack once Kraken Mare and Murder World: Kaiju Dusk are both complete. I may write in concurrently with Darkling (sequel to Wraithkin), I don’t know. It’s tentatively been re-titled to Ancient Acquisitions, LLC. It’s more of a tongue-in-cheek novel, lighthearted and such. I think I need something goofy to write. Everything has been so emotionally draining lately that it feels like my writing is getting too dark. One of the things I like is dark humor, but I try not to get too dark. Too dark can lead to too depressing very quickly.

I realized today that I still haven’t achieved my goal of having all of the books I’m in made into 8×10 pictures and hung on my office wall. I don’t exactly have the wall space for them in the office right now, though. I think my Pixel Who poster would have to move elsewhere. Hmph.

Time to get to work. “Floating deadline” doesn’t mean “non-existent deadline”.

One thought on “Floating Deadlines

  1. …and good luck with this as well. (I keep meaning to write a short story in that milieu myself. I think there’s a lot of misinformation going around there with regards to what musical instruments from our time could possibly do in that time frame. How do they have pads that work? Who’s fixing the instruments, anyway? And how fast can any of the “uptime” instruments actually be made? At minimum, I should write a technical article about this, because I know the subject cold, but I haven’t been able to find the time.)

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