Привет товарищ! (or, Greetings Comrade!)

Hello to all my new Russian friends!

Well, at least my info says that all my more recent new visitors are from Russia. Considering I haven’t been there since 1999, they must be new friends, right? Besides, it’s not like I did anything wrong in Russia… or Israel… or Turkey… and we’re not talking about Italy, so hey: it was all Rex’s fault. Well, okay, it was my fault, but that was because I assumed Rex wasn’t more naive than I was.

All right, all right. It’s my fault. I led Rex astray. I wonder how that kid’s doing these days…

I’m alive. I’m buried in books right now, both reviewing and writing, plus work has gotten intense these past few weeks. It’s going to be like this until after the holidays, unfortunately, but I think I’ll manage. I just submitted another short story, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m working on Wraithkin as much as time allows, but I’m hoping it’ll be ready to go around Christmas. Still deciding what publisher I’ll be sending it to, though Baen Books and Tor are my top two choices. Primarily because I know both publishers and like their stuff. Go with what you know, right?

I know there are three books coming out in rapid succession that I am in sometime soon. All of them, mind you, are coming out just in time for Christmas. I also noticed that Corruptor is available on the Kindle now for $3.99, which makes me very, very happy. I always felt that $5.99 for an ebook was a little too pricey. But four bucks? If people are willing to forgo a trip to McDonald’s, they can easily afford my book (and get some nuggets without breaking the bank).

Mmm… chicken…


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