Woe Betide

...and across the land did the faithful lament. I am, of course, talking about the city of Lexington's attitude about losing to Louisville in basketball. They lose to them all the time in football (it's a Kentucky thing, belonging in the SEC and not giving a rat's ass about football), which is no big deal. … Continue reading Woe Betide

Lookout 2013!

The Preditors & Editors voting poll has opened and, as usual, people are having a hard time getting the pages to open. It's almost like an 8th grade test website built in the 90's. For someone who claims to have been involved with the first internet service provider, his internet providing seems to, well, suck. I … Continue reading Lookout 2013!

Good News

Good news on the war front: sold another short story this week. Wake, a dark, creepy horror story with a bit of a humorous bent, is going to see print sometime in 2013. I'm still waiting on official word, but I have a hard "yes" from them, which is nice to have. This is good … Continue reading Good News

Facebook Over

So yesterday, I saw that once more has Facebook taken our privacy settings and screwed them over, leaving all the personal information out there for any intrepid individual (or company) to find. Although I willingly signed up for Facebook, I was smart and didn't post too much personal information in there. I tried to use … Continue reading Facebook Over

Vote Today

I hope you exercised your right to vote today. I'm going "offline" this Thursday for five days, lasting until Tuesday-ish. I'll be around, but the blog will suffer, since I'm going to be "offline". Yes, I quoted that on purpose. I'll be looking in but not participating. Though to be fair, that's about all I … Continue reading Vote Today

Are You Writing?

Wow, what a crazy week. Shot multiple scenes for Acts of God out in Louisville. Got to watch them blow stuff up (which was freaking cool), got into a firefight with Taliban (or the Hollywood equivalent... I think they're called "fellow extras"), got a speaking part in the movie (which may or may not be cut, I'll find … Continue reading Are You Writing?

Nerd King

I want to buy a house. Wait, hear me out. I have sound reasoning for this desire. I've been surfing around the web researching a story and came across an unfinished basement and the pictures that the guy took. He then showed the step-by-step process of turning his unfinished basement into the ultimate nerd man … Continue reading Nerd King