I'm in the midst of stage managing a theatrical production right now ("The Dearly Undeparted"), so there won't be any updates for the next week. I'll get something up in the next week or two, promise.

Dat Wascawy Copee Editoh

Your best friend in publishing, next to your agent (should you have one), is not the publisher. Nor is it the guy who stands at the counter and is buying your book. It's not your mom, nor that one fan who follows you around to EVERY con you might attend. Egads, right?

In Character and Color

I found myself lying in bed yesterday, in more pain than I could possibly ever have imagined, being told by the various nurses that what I was going through was the closest thing to child birth that a man could experience. I was medicated, so maybe my next train of thought was a bit... off, but I was wondering: is personal experience a better way to understand your character's state of mind?

The Great Con

Ravencon. MagFest. Conjecture. MileHiCon. Libertycon. These are just a few of the hundreds of science fiction and fantasy cons which go on yearly in the US and abroad. Why are they important? Well for one, they are a quick and easy way to begin building a fan base early on.

Free Enterprise

I often wonder just how authors back in the days before the internet managed. Did they have to hire a publicist to get any sort of notoriety for their upcoming novel? Did the publisher shell out more money just in hopes that independent bookstores might carry their new author? Or was it a pure "shot-in-the-dark" attitude and, if so, does this explain a lot about the current state of the industry?

Twas A Dark and Empty Room

In our society, it's easier than ever to communicate with others while not even leaving our rooms, but the amount of distractions seem to be even greater. So how do you juggle it? No, put away that shovel. There will be no burying of bodies while reading the blog.