How Do I…?

But the fact thay Harry Potter was rejected that many times should tell us something, or that we almost never got a chance to read about Frodo and Sam while Kendra's story made it in on first try. It's just a business, which is one thing we authors tend to forget in our creation of a novel.

Do It For Grignr

Not for the glory, nor the money (okay, a little bit of the two doesn't hurt when dreaming). We do it because we have these characters and stories in our heads that, if we don't get them out in a timely manner, will surely drive us insane.

Do or Do Not…

Someone once equated writing a novel as staring at the computer screen until a drop of blood appears on your forehead and drops onto the keyboard, from which the Writing Gods are appeased with your sacrifice and allow you to create literary masterpieces.