Respect the Sphere

CIVIL WAR No, I'm not talking about the one in everyone keeps thinking will happen here in the United States. I doubt a civil war could happen (primarily because we have no infrastructure anymore capable of one side or the other ever achieving "victory", as it were) and, if it did, it'd probably be Texas... Continue Reading →

Libertycon 26 Schedule

I meant to do this last week but real life interfered. Okay, so here is my schedule (according to the LC26 website): FRIDAY 5:00 PM -- Opening Ceremonies: Pretty self explanatory, though I may just be hanging out near the back of the room. That's where I usually am during huge crowd gatherings, since I don't... Continue Reading →

Mysticon 2013 AAR

So it's late Sunday afternoon at Soldier's Retreat and I'm coming down off of the high that was the awesomeness of Mysticon 2013. Finally got to meet Col. Tom Kratman in person, which was a hoot, because that man can tell a story. Had to keep it relatively PG-13, however, due to the underage midgets... Continue Reading →

The Doctor Who Apology Tour

It's not often I'm wrong (only four times a day), so when I am I come out and admit it. I was wrong about Dr. Who. I made the mistake of watching some of the older episodes long ago (late 80's?) and my initial reaction was "Campy". I didn't watch any more episodes after, and when... Continue Reading →

Overcommitted Is A Word

Yesterday was weird. I got home, and the next thing I knew it was time to go back to work. I did literally nothing yesterday. No writing. No creating. No editing. No painting. No  eating. I don't think I'm sick. But I did miss my word count goal as a result, which has set me back about... Continue Reading →

Mysticon 2013 Schedule

So I received my print copy of What Scares the Boogeyman? in the mail just now. It looks nice, if a bit on the thin side. But since it's only 200+ pages or so, that is to be expected. You can order it now at Amazon and-- --holy crap my computer just scared me! It started my... Continue Reading →

Sunday Blatherings

Taking a breather from this writing marathon that's hit me today. It feels good, but it also dredges up some bad moments of "Whoops... did I mean that?" when reviewing scenes I'd already finished off. A lot of the problem is that it's difficult for me to keep the voices of Gabriel and Andrew (oh,... Continue Reading →

Meeting My Goal

I screwed up yesterday and forgot that Thursday is a writing day. Granted, it's not a Wraithkin writing day, but it's still a "get something down on paper, you lazy bum" sort of day. Which I totally forgot in my haste to paint my Bretonian knights. *sigh* So today is going to be a writing day, which... Continue Reading →

For the Puppies

I've been elbows deep in Wraithkin, so please pardon my absence. I've added about 10,000 words to the book since Jan 1st, so I'm somewhat pleased. Add in the fact that I've also been working on The Gods Anointed and keeping up with my book reviews (while battling the evil, nefarious flu and working full time) and I'm... Continue Reading →

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