Hey, someone felt sorry for me and went ahead and let my muse speak. Scary, right? Well, here's the link. Also, writing. I'll be around for a real update soon.

New Book Cover Announcement

New anthology coming this fall that my story is featured in. This is your warning. Prepare for the Sha'Daa, for it is coming... Edit: the first one was not the right one. Oops.

Olympic Sport of Procrastinating

There is a male cardinal on my bird feeder right now, tormenting my kitties. He chirps, they chirp back. The brainwashing has begun. Excellent... Received my first royalty check last week and (I'm rich! Rich! Bite me, haters! Muwahaha!) can now buy myself dinner. Yeah, really. Authors don't generally make a lot of money, you know?... Continue Reading →

The Writing News

Worked a bit on the Sha'Daa: Catechism story, featuring three of the lost Faberge eggs of the Romanovs. It's creepy and fun, but being a little stubborn at the moment. It's hard to write this style, which goes against the grain for me. However, I shall persevere. Or die trying. Two books being reviewed this... Continue Reading →

Book Pretty!

Work (the non-writing variety) has been utterly brutal these past three weeks. I'm looking forward to a few days off, and then in a few more weeks off to Mysticon! Woohoo! Note to self: no absinthe. Not ever again. EVER. You know it's bad when I'm begging for some vodka to chase the original drink... Continue Reading →


Thought about adding a new page on the website for book covers but... eh. Once I have more book covers to share (Sha'Daa: Pawns, Adventurers in Hell and What Scares the Boogeyman?) I'll probably create the page. It's not that hard really, one of the main reasons I like WordPress so much as a website... Continue Reading →

Lagging Behind Schedule

I hate it when my plans all go awry. As a writer, it especially pisses me off when my characters go off on tangents without my approval (or giving me a head's up... what the hell, Tori? Your story's been told already) and force me to change direction with something I'm working on. Or when, more... Continue Reading →

#OccupyHell and Other Tags

It's strange. It's been over 16 months since the Colonel Kratman interview and it's still generating plenty of traffic. The only thing that is generating more is my Larry Correia interview, which blew everything away at the time and is still plenty popular. Of course, everyone else is in on the Monster Hunter secret now,... Continue Reading →

It’s Cold Here

Dreary, rainy days are the best. The cold days let my brain finally turn around and say "Hey, we can write" while the rest of my house is freezing. Of course, this means I'm wearing a heavy sweater and am barefoot (after all, writer's are quirky, aren't they?).  But this is a good thing, since... Continue Reading →

Laying Waste To My Sanity

Exhaustion is laying waste to my sanity. This is exciting. I have named it Godzilla. Exhaustion, not my sanity. Now that I am (more or less) settled into my new place, I can start doing Shiny Book Review once more. I'll have to contact all those poor publishers who had been holding off sending us... Continue Reading →

Weekend Road Trip

So yeah, I've been working the "real" job so much this past week that I haven't had time to update here. Oops. This Thursday I leave for Libertycon24 in Chattanooga, TN. Next weekend I'm in Louisville, KY for FandomFest. In between, I have a short story due. Meh. The schedule for Libertycon24 is as follows... Continue Reading →

Captain America Hates Slackers

Gah, I'm such a slacker. I forgot to update yesterday. Captain America just beat me up for laziness. Had Crouching Seal, Sleeping Dragon independently "proofed" and found some more mistakes that both the editor and I missed. Mildly embarrassing, but thankfully the proofer only required dinner as payment. I'll get those mistakes corrected and sent off to... Continue Reading →


Busy weekend, and this week isn't getting any easier. The brother of one of the guys at work was in a car crash and the coworker had to take off, which means a lot of shifts had to be covered. Enter SuperJason, with his amazing ability to fill in the gaps. I picked up about... Continue Reading →

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