At 5:10 PM Eastern time last night, my beloved Sophie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Growing up in group homes, I never had a pet of my own. In retrospect it's understandable, because most kids aren't in one particular location for a long time. Back then, however, I was angry and mad that all the other … Continue reading Sophie

Strange Books

I've had this migraine since the morning I wrote my last entry, and it's beginning to piss me off (the migraine, not the last blog entry). It has slowed my writing down enough that I'm starting to question the sanity of writing 3 books at the same time. Fortunately, I'm not having any problems keeping … Continue reading Strange Books


Hey, it's October! That means fall colors, cooler weather and white girls with pumpkin spice everything. I'm buckling down on the off chance that a hurricane hits me this weekend and preparing to go gung-ho over the next 31 days to complete Kraken Mare. I've been pretty slack these past few days (been battling a cold … Continue reading Accounting

Break Time

I'm taking a break from Kraken Mare today to let you know that I finally finished Supersymmetry, a novel by David Walton. I talked about the first book of the series earlier this year (Superposition) and how that one was definitely going on my Hugo nomination list for next year. I may need to reconsider that, though, and … Continue reading Break Time

Contract Signed

This one had me doing my happy dance. I'm not posting specific details about it until the contract is mailed off, however (which will happen tomorrow). Don't bother going to my bibliography, either. I know better than... wait (double-checks). Yeah, I know better than that.

Rainy Weekend

So apparently Dragoncon was a bit crazy this weekend... while that was going on, I was enjoying the beach. Well, I was enjoying the rain while at the beach. Okay, there wasn't much enjoyment going on while watching the rain while at the beach. Should have gone to Dragoncon. #TorpedoesfortheTroops went off amazingly well, with … Continue reading Rainy Weekend

Torpedo Away

So this weekend Operation Supply Drop  is going to be running another 36 hour charity drive on Twitch (this is the link we used last time; be aware that it could be different and I won't know until Friday) called Warships: Torpedoes for the Troops, which is a play on our last charity drive, Tanking for the Troops. Last … Continue reading Torpedo Away


I got asked to write the foreword for an upcoming anthology yesterday, which I immediately said "Yes" to without reservation or any hesitation. Why, you ask? Because the person asking me was John Manning's widow, DeAnna Manning. John was my favorite editor to work with and I was extremely saddened when he died of cancer … Continue reading Foreword

Monday Brief

I haven't forgotten you, really. I've just had my nose to the grindstone the past few weeks finishing up Kraken Mare, as well as preparing an outline for a new project for my publisher (tentatively called The Weird and Wild West). Hugo voting is closed. Thanks to all of you who voted (for me or for someone … Continue reading Monday Brief